18.09.24 – South Loop Strength & Conditioning


10 minutes muscle-up transition skill

Training notes:
•We’ve been working on both pull-ups and support in ring dips for the last several months, so now is a good time to start working on actually transitioning through a muscle-up.

Things to work on:
•Hanging with false grip
•Understanding wrist positioning on transition
•Kneeling transition drills
•Banded transition drills
•Strict ring muscle-ups
•Kipping ring muscle-ups without false grip
•Gymnastics kip on bar muscle-up
•Pseudo gymnastics kip for bar muscle-ups
•Uprises – front and back

B. 10 min:
30s rowing/assault bike @ high effort
-Rest 30s
30s double-unders/lateral hurdle hops
-Rest 30s
10 min AMRAP @ 85%:
10 row/bike calories
10/side single-arm DB push presses (50/35)
10 toes-to-bar/hanging leg raises

Training notes:
•Rowing/biking/double-unders should be at high effort, but you should not be super fatigued going into the 10 min AMRAP.
•You should be going faster but feel better during the first 10 minutes compared to the second 10 minutes.
•10 minute AMRAP is a variation of Open workout 18.1.

Record reps completed for second 10 minute AMRAP and paces for first 10 minute piece in training notes.

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