18.08.13 - South Loop Strength & Conditioning


A. 10 minute strict pull-up skill with some progression into kipping

Training notes:
-Prioritize capacity in strict work over capacity in kipping
-Practice initiating with the scapula, maintaining good eccentric control, mixing grips, etc.
-Can start to work on more advanced skills like butterfly/chest-to-bar/etc.
-Hopefully the process of working on the same skills for a few weeks in a row has resulted in improvements moreso than always varying what we’re doing for skill work.

B. 5 rounds—
3 min AMRAP:
20/15 assault bike/row calories
10 burpee box jumps (24”/20”)
AMRAP DB snatches, alternating in remaining time (50/35)
-Rest 1 min

Training notes:
-The work over the last several weeks should give you an idea of how to pace your efforts here.
-There is a trade-off between not wanting to go out too hot and wanting to give yourself time to accumulate reps on the DB snatch. Use your intuition to find the right balance.

Record total reps completed – and record the splits for each round in training notes.

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