Six Week FAST Challenge Application Submitted

Thanks for filling out that application. Your responses have been sent to us, so we’ll be taking a look at those to get a feel for what you’re looking for out of the Challenge.

Next step for you is to schedule a time to come in to chat with one of our coaches.

We require all of our Challenge participants to come in to our facility before signing up for the program to make sure that what we’re doing is actually a good fit. We want you to see what we do, get a feel for the coaches, and make sure the location is accessible for you.

And – on our end – we want to make sure that you’re committed to the process, so forcing you to fill out some long webforms and take time out of your day to swing by and check us out is a good filter for commitment.

This program regularly sells out, so we want to make sure that everyone who signs up is committed – we don’t want someone left out who could have achieved a transformational result since their spot was claimed by someone who wasn’t fully committed.

A few things you should know:
*Initial consultations are about 15 minutes. We won’t be doing any training during this – just getting a feel for you and your goals, explaining the process for the Challenge, and answering any questions that you may have.

*Our next Challenge group begins on Monday, February 27th and runs for six weeks.

*We will be running Challenge groups at 7am, and 6:30pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – we cap each group at 20 participants.

*Cost for the Challenge is $250 for the six weeks. Don’t worry – there won’t be a hard sell during your interview, but we do require payment to reserve a spot in the program.

So, if this sounds fun, exciting, challenging, and maybe a little bit scary – grab a spot in our online scheduler above.

A few notes on the scheduler if you need help:

*You can choose a specific coach for your consultation, but you’ll have the most options if you select “Any Available”

*Leave the timezone at “Central Standard.” We do some scheduling with remote clients, so that has to be part of our settings on the scheduler.

*If you don’t see something that works with your schedule on our availability, shoot an e-mail over to and we can see if there’s anything available or potential cancellations.

*You’ll have to re-enter your name and e-mail since the scheduler is different software than the webform you just filled out. If you input your phone number, you’ll get a reminder text as well about the appointment.