Norik Vardanian & Jenny Arthur Seminar – South Loop Strength & Conditioning
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Weightlifting Seminar with Norik Vardanian & Jenny Arthur

Olympians Norik Vardanian & Jenny Arthur will be coming to South Loop Strength & Conditioning for a weightlifting seminar.

Date: Sunday, October 1st
Time: 10am-2pm
Price: $200

From Norik:

“During each exercise portion, we go over the exercises and show how they are done and discuss why it is important in our training. During actual snatch and clean n jerk portion, the athletes will have an opportunity to go heavier. Please advise all attendees to bring a lunch/snack for the lunch break. During the lunch break Jenny and I will demonstrate some lifting as well. Hope everyone is ready to have a great time and learn a lot!”

10-10:15 intro
10:15-10:30 warm up
10:30-10:45 muscle snatch
10:45-11:05 no contact snatch
11:05-11:25 no feet snatch
11:25-11:55 SNATCH
11:55-12:30 Demo/lunch/Q&A
12:30-12:50 muscle clean + push press
12:50-1:10 no feet clean
1:10-1:50 C&J
1:50-2:00 Photos

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