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Chelsea Troy

Where were you born?

Where did you grow up?
Birmingham and Chattanooga

What schools did you attend?
UPenn, International Relations

When did you start CrossFit?

What made you start CrossFit?
girl I had a crush on if we’re being totally honest but maybe don’t put that on the website. Say I missed college athletics and wanted the camaraderie and intensity back or something

When did you come to SLSC?

What do you enjoy about SLSC?
There are lots of meganerds here so I feel less weird than I usually do being a meganerd in a gym. Jockiness feels uncomfortable and inaccessible to me at most gyms, but I don’t have to keep my mouth shut at SLSC to fit in.

What do you enjoy about coaching?
I think that fitness helps folks to concretely implement taking their lives day by day and celebrating small wins when things are really hard, big picture. I love being able to remind folks of their progress and finding ways to make their choice to come to the gym today, in spite of everything, feel worthwhile in the moment.

What would you say to someone who is considering trying out SLSC but is unsure?
Try the 7 AM because that’s a very goofy class. In all seriousness, SLSC takes a much more rigorous approach to focusing on correct movement patterns than other gyms. No one here is going to yell at you to go faster/harder until and unless they know you really well and know that’s something you want. Instead, the focus will be on sustainable training load for you.

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