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GFEAT Participant

the runner who was scared of lifting weights, but found herself happier and more energetic – all while running faster

About Casey

Casey had been running regularly – including races up to 15k. She wanted to learn more about weight training, and also realized that she couldn't eat like she was twenty two years old anymore.


Casey dropped her average training mile splits from 9:30 to 8:30. And her husband says she's happier.

"I started to realize I wan't twenty-two years old anymore, and I couldn't eat and workout however I want."

When Casey was presented with the option of signing up for a strength training track at her job, she was definitely curious because she wanted to learn a new skill and find something to keep her on track during the cold months in Chicago, when running outside isn't quite as fulfilling.

Still, there was some intimidation around getting started, especially since she'd never done anything like "deadlifting" before.

Once she got started, she quickly realized that she could do more than she thought she could in the weight room.

After getting started with an exercise program, the next biggest challenge is staying consistent with it. We say things like, "I don't have time" or "I'll do that tomorrow," but we know that these are codewords for, "this isn't a priority for me and I'm not going to make it happen."

For Casey, she experienced some of this time pressure, especially since she wanted to continue her running training as well as her strength training.

What she found, though, was that once training became a habit, she would start to miss it if she didn't go to the gym.

This type of internal motivation to stay accountable is invaluable in consistency over a long period of time.

Over the course of the program, Casey surprised herself with what she could do in the gym. She was able to improve all of her major lifts by 40%, and she found an unexpected benefit to her running: her average split per mile dropped from 9:30 to 8:30.

Still, when Casey stepped on the scale, she was frustrated to see that it hadn't changed. Clothes were fitting better, but the numbers on the scale weren't reflecting that. Fortunately, as part of the GFEAT program, she was able to test her body composition by DXA scan at the beginning and the end of the program – and she had lost fat and gained muscle, keeping her at the same bodyweight.

But, some of the biggest results came outside of the gym. Even Casey's husband noticed that she seemed happier.

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