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the bank examiner who had never worked out before – but lost thirty-five pounds once she got started

About Keshia

Keshia is a bank examiner who wanted to lose some extra weight before turning thirty. She had no athletic background and had never worked out before, and was intimated to start exercising.


Keshia has lost thirty-five pounds since starting at South Loop Strength & Conditioning, and has made health and fitness a regular part of her routine.

"I was traveling for work seventy-five or eighty percent of the time. Eating out…fast food…I put on twenty pounds."

Keshia's story is not uncommon. Somewhere in the midst of starting our career, we lose track of ourselves. With long hours, lots of deadlines, and hectic travel schedules, we start eating things just because they're convenient. We say, "I should really go to the gym," but we can't find the motivation to get started after long stressful days.

Keshia knew she wanted to get started with an exercise program, but her travel schedule for work made it difficult. Once she knew she had an extended period of time at home, she got started since she had an internal goal of losing weight before turning thirty.

For anyone without an athletic background, it can be very intimidating starting an exercise program. You know you're going to be expected to do things that you've never done before. And you know that the other people around you are going to be a lot more experienced than you.

Are you going to be judged? Are you going to be laughed at behind your back? All of these thoughts can make getting started going to the gym a terrifying experience.

Hear how Keshia overcame these fears, and learn what she discovered about herself in the process:

It's one thing to get started, but it's another thing entirely to stay consistent.

Plenty of people jump from program to program looking for a magic bullet, but they always end up disappointed in their results.

For Keshia, though, she started seeing steady, consistent results and used that as momentum to make further changes. Once training becomes part of your routine, it's hard to break the habit:

Once she got started training at SLSC, Keshia was surprised to find out that the people who she was working out with knew her name. If you've met Keshia in person, she can come across as shy at first – I definitely understand the feeling of thinking, "this person definitely doesn't remember who I am."

Instead, Keshia found out that the people who she'd been training with wanted her to succeed – and checked in with her if they hadn't seen her for a few days.

Although Keshia found a competitive aspect to her nature that she didn't know existed before starting training, the best place to focus that competitive energy is within yourself.

"The results that you have are your own."

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