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the technical consultant who finally found consistency in his workout routine.

About Saud

Saud is a technical consultant who was looking for a training program that he could stay accountable to. He'd start something, then drop it once he got busy with work.


Saud has been training consistently at South Loop Strength & Conditioning for two and a half years – even continuing to work out fasted during the month of Ramadan.

"My problem was consistency. I'd do something for two or three months, then work would kick in or school would kick in, and I'd give up."

Saud was always fairly active, but had a hard time finding something that he could stick to. He wanted to improve his health, but it was too easy to just stop going to the gym when he was training on his own.

Saud was pretty well-versed in different fitness methodologies before starting at South Loop Strength & Conditioning. He'd run several races, and also regularly read fitness blogs. In fact, many of the blogs that he read regularly made fun of CrossFit.

Still, like most people who find success, Saud was willing to put himself into a situation that wasn't totally comfortable for him. He was willing to try something out in order to see if it was a good fit – and, for him, it turned out to be.

Once he got involved in the program (actually as one of our very first members), Saud found that the community was holding him accountable.

Sure, things come up and you may miss training days, but he found that he'd get texts from other members asking where he was.

It's one thing to make excuses to yourself about why you haven't been showing up, but it's a different story altogether once you have to start making excuses to your friends.

Once he became consistent with training, Saud began to find satisfaction in the process of mastering his technique.

This is a classic switch from "external" to "internal" motivation. Originally, it was the community and the ribbing from his friends that prevented him from dropping off once things got busy with work – but, after becoming invested in the process, it became the slow, iterative improvement that comes with repetition.

It's not exactly sexy and it doesn't make a catchy headline, but this is how people get better.

Now Saud has performance goals that he tracks, and this is his motivation to keep coming to the gym.

It's this focus on technique and small improvements that keeps Saud coming back to South Loop Strength & Conditioning.

His success is impressive, but it comes from having a certain mindset.

A few years ago, when he was struggling to find a routine that he would stick to, he was willing to try something that may have made him uncomfortable.

Internally he said, "Worst case scenario, I don't like it, and I'm just back to where I started." This is the type of mindset that enabled him to finally find the right fit for him.

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