About South Loop Strength & Conditioning

SLSC is the home of South Loop CrossFit. We offer group strength and conditioning classes, as well as individual program design and nutrition consulting services. Depending on where you are in your journey in fitness, we have the tools to guide you to the next waypost, whether that’s through training, nutrition, or lifestyle habits. South Loop Strength & Conditioning is more than fitness.


What is Crossfit?

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity. While we recognize that this definition is inherently unsatisfying, we invite you to try a workout to quickly gain an understanding of our program.


The goal of CrossFit is general physical preparedness, which means that we seek to create a well-rounded capacity in both strength and conditioning.


To achieve this goal, we train using a combination of bodyweight movements (pull-up, push-up, squat, etc.) and weightlifting movements (deadlift, snatch, clean & jerk, etc.). We use these movements in a variety of contexts to elicit gains in strength, power production, endurance, and skill.


We treat our clients like athletes looking to achieve optimum performance. As such, results are measured and tracked. This provides a framework with which to set goals and address personal weaknesses. It also provides an avenue for competition, which is motivating and engaging. Much of the results of a fitness program come from showing up, not quitting, and asking questions.


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Do I need to be in shape before I start CrossFit?

This is a common misconception. We are skilled at modifying workouts for all fitness and experience levels in order to achieve the desired result, and we have worked with everyone from senior citizens just beginning an exercise program to professional athletes. The only requirement is a consistent desire to improve.


In addition, very few programs provide the type of stimulus that CrossFit provides. If you have a desire to do CrossFit workouts, the best preparation is doing CrossFit workouts.


I want to lose weight/gain weight/lose weight here and gain weight here/etc, is CrossFit for me?

We train for function rather than form, but a change in aesthetics is an unavoidable result of performing high intensity functional movement.


While we firmly believe in the power of our program to shape an appealing, athletic physique, the role of nutrition in body composition cannot be overstated. Please check our nutrition page for more information.


How do classes work?

Most training at South Loop Strength & Conditioning occurs in the group setting. Classes run in an hour-long time block, and will contain a warm-up and mobility work, instruction on technique, and a workout of the day. The workout changes every day, although benchmark workouts will be repeated to track performance.


The workout of the day is infinitely modifiable and scalable for all fitness and skill levels. Loads can be reduced, progressions can be substituted for high skill movements, and entirely new workouts can be designed to achieve the desired stimulus.


Timed workouts will generally last between five and twenty minutes, although they will occasionally be shorter or longer. We will also do untimed workouts in order to develop strength and skill.


Why group classes?

Group training provides accountability, encourages the growth of a community, and increases the intensity of training. A group of like-minded people working hard together is a powerful thing.


While the focus is on group classes, we also recognize that individual goals and challenges are not always best addressed through programming for a group. As such, modifications for individuals with specific goals are encouraged.


Who are the coaches?

Glad you asked. Check out our coaches’ bios here.